Martin Decky



  • CTU in Prague | Architecture and Building Engineering
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Innovation Bootcamp
  • Harvard University | Master’s degree

Josef Porizka



  • CTU in Prague | Architecture and Building Engineering

Tomas Polansky



  • University of Nitra, Slovakia
  • University of Algarve, Portugal
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands

Mario Valkovic



  • STU in Bratislava | Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Tampere University¬†| Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • University of Maribor | Civil Engineering & Architecture

Work process.

Let Architects started as a studio emphasizing the additional value of thougthful architecture and design. Our primary objective from our very beginning was to share meaningful ideas and translate them into the built environment.

We have accomplished that by establishing our own unique working process, created from our experience in the field over the years. In it, we have always paid close attention to the dialogue between the investor and the architect.

We have been fortunate to work with clients, who have shared our attitude. Because of that we have been able to create a portfolio of projects which accurately represent our way of work.

In our work we play close attention to detail. Buildings are designed to last decades and the only way to create them in a sustainable way is to carefully think about the details before the construction starts.

We genuinely use minimalistic approach to enhance the quality of the inner space. Although often overlooked by many, we consider simplicity and clarity as our design fundamentals.

Every project we take on is a dialogue with a client we work with. The final outcome is therefore never solely the work of an architect, but also the work of a client in a certain way.

For the result to be complex we always analyse the broader context of the site. Our design not only reflects the need for the private space, but public space as well. We try to look outwards the site we’re designing to see how the public space can benefit from our project.